You should Know These Things About Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy/Assistant is a revolutionary android emulator that enables you to play your favorite mobile games on PC. Tencent has designed the emulator in multiple languages and is very easy to install. The menu options and navigations are pretty much self understandable. So, what are you waiting for? You’re just a click away to enjoy your favorite mobile games on Desktop.

Even though the Tencent Gaming Buddy is accessible for many other games like Cyber Hunter, Arena of Valor, Crash royale and many more, in recent days it got famous for its compatibility with PUBG. PUBG has its desktop version, however, the mobile and desktop interfaces are different, which is hard to transform and understand. Well, Tencent Gaming Buddy took care of it. You can now enjoy the same interface on mobile and as well as the Desktop. It also doesn’t require any VPN connections and can adapt to different controls based on activities very easily. It just made the Isn’t it amazing!

Tencent Gaming Buddy was made to be accessible on very limited configuration computers too. The minimum requirement of the computer 3GB RAM. But the computer with better configuration can make your own experience better. The high-end computers can access ultra-HD and 4K screens too.

PUBG through Tencent Gaming Buddy:

PUBG Mobile is truly a great game. But as we all know gaming experience can get better when we have the power of keyboard controls and mouse, which is why all the gamers are looking at emulators. Tencent, the new PUBG emulator will match you only with the other players using the emulator, (not PUBG mobile users) to give better competition and experience. Most of the PUBG Mobile controls have been optimized to keyboard and mouse controls and still trying to add more features. There are some features still under beta. For example, the shortcut for fullscreen. Clicking on F11 is not shifting to full screen but it’s cutting down some of the controls and not responsible for every desktop size.

Let’s see the quick procedure to launch your PUBG Mobile on PC using Tencent Gaming Buddy:

PUBG doesn’t require any introduction. It took one of the best games in the recent gaming world. PUBG is a shooting game between person to person. The last person or team who survives wins. PUBG has already launched its desktop version. Then why an emulator? Read through:

● High-End PC required: PUBG Desktop required a PC with high configuration, which led many of the users were unable to play.
● Compatibility: As mentioned earlier, the PC version and Mobile version of PUBG games look and work differently.

Here is how you can get over the above issues. Go to Tencent’s official website and on the main page, you’ll find a button to Download Tencent Gaming Buddy. You can click on the button and it’ll download a file directly to your PC.
● Download the PUBG game from Tencent’s official website, which is of 1.5 GB. and just click on PLAY and see the magic.
Yes! That’s it. It doesn’t have any complex methods to download or play. What are you waiting for? Uninstall PUBG on your Desktop and install Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Do you know these things about iPhone 6?

iPhone 6 is when they got bigger and better. Before iPhone 6, they were in small and compact pocket sizes, unlike the other smartphones. It was released in September 2014 in three colors, Silver, Gold and Space grey. It has 4.7 inches screen with Retina Display.

iPhone 6 was built with 1GB RAM and released in three variants of storage spaces of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. It has a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor with an A8 chipset. The rear camera is of 8MP enabled with autofocus and face detection. The front camera was set to 1.2 MP. But the iPhone 6 is now only compatible with iOS 8 version.

It was released at a price of around $400 back then but can get for very much less price. But you might have to find this at any authorized seller as Apple stopped selling from its direct stores.

Best Five online games to play All Time

Top 5 online games to play

Online games are a way of life for most game enthusiasts. If you are one of them and you have been in the market looking for the best online games to play in 2019, then here we have a list. We are going to talk about our top 5 selections that are fun and highly engaging. You can as well play them on your brand new gaming PC or even your old one.


Player unknown or commonly known as PUBG is the biggest and one of the most adored online games of 2019. It features as a popular battle royal game out there which means you have to try it soon. The game has stayed at the top because of some simple reasons that many other games lack. First of all PUBG offers great gameplay elements. This is what makes the game addictive and popular.

The developers of this game entirely focus on a large scale survival gameplay. You wake up and you are stranded on a large island and you have to do all it takes to start looking for loot and succeed getting out.

  • Price Model: Paid $29.99


It’s one of the most recent shooter games. The game was recently released and over the time it gathered the attention of millions of game enthusiasts all over the world. The main reasons for its popularity being the colorful graphics and flashy gameplay. Many of their characters come with an amazing and deep backstory to guide you along and tell you why you are doing exactly what you want to do.

  • Price Model: Paid, $49.99


We wouldn’t close the list before we talk about DoTA 2. This is a sequel to the popular DoTA mod for Warcraft 3. It is also one of the most popular MOBAs that you will find in the market today. Though, I have heard some beginners complain about the user interface. The good thing is that it guides newbies well throughout to make sure they know exactly what is expected of them.

  • Price Mode: Free


Here is the most popular first-person shooter game that you will find in your PC. The game started as a mod for Half-life some time ago. One thing that you will never want to miss is the graphics and features. The game has grown over the years because of these reasons. The game is also highly competitive because it has a big eSports scene which backs it up.

  • Price Mode: Free versions available with limitations but you can pay $14.99.

Path of Exile

This is a nice game that you can be watching for especially if you were disappointed by the way Diablo II turned out to be. This game seems like a true successor to Diablo II. The game also brings up the old memories, looks and nice plays.

  • Price Mode: Free.

The list provided above includes paid and free games that you should be thinking of this year. This means that even if you don’t want to spend a dollar, you can easily find a good game for your free times.

iPhone 7 are you missed it ?

iPhone 7 is yet again a revolutionary release from Apple. Even though the size was the same as iPhone6, Apple introduced the very own rose pink color for the first and people had gone crazy for it. It was released on September 17, 2016, with a size of 4.7 inches display.

When the selfie world is moving faster, shouldn’t you think the front camera should be good enough? Well, Apple got it better than anymore which made them increase front camera to 7MP from 1.2MP of iPhone 6. And the rear camera too had an upgrade of 12MP. It was designed with A8 chipset and 3D touch-enabled.

It has two storage variants of 32GB and 128GB. It was released at a price of $769 for the 32GB silver variant. The price slightly differed for the colors and storage capacities. But now as the new versions released, the price is reduced up to $500.

5 Things You Should Know about PUBG Game

Why PUBG Become more famous

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular online games that many people have been talking about. This game hit the market in 2017 and since then it has been one of the most discussed and debated online games. It hit the market at a momentum that doesn’t seem to end any time soon.

You may be wondering why this game is so popular and why almost every game enthusiasts has been talking about it. In this brief, we will give you a couple of reasons as to why this game has become so popular within a very short period of time.

Much of its success has been attributed to its new type of gameplay and the battle Royale. Its game play is simple because 100 players are thrown onto an island and now the player and the other people in the island should find their ways out.

With the PUBG, some of the features and attributes that never seemed to enter the market have come to reality. This genre has been implemented onto this title.

A fresh new approach

The game come into reality from ARMA 3 which is a war based game which includes a battle royale mode which has been created by Brendan Greene. This man together with the other Player’sunknown made something that seamed as one of the best games of the year.

Unpredicted Gameplay

This game’s battle requires that you use correct judgement when you are playing it. The main reason for this is because there’s never a time when you will sit down and come back relaxed. In the game, it’s very easy for the player to run into the high risk, high reward situation. Now this is where you have to work hard to overturn the situation. In PUBG, weapon superiority really means nothing simply because it’s extremely easy to find yourself in the harm’s way when everything is safe in your mind.

The game reaches a wide audience

This game hit the market in March 2017 but over the time, it has already sold over 20 million copies. This can be attributed to its wide access and the people it reaches. Its concept made the way through which later become point of reference by many people in the market. The good thing is that you don’t have to be a TPS or a FPS god to be proficient when playing this game. You may have some wicked aim but your back is open to  no harm. That’s easy; the game comes in to this and makes it very easy for you.

Disruptive Innovation

In Business, disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts all that to introduce something that will be acceptable by the initial audience. This is one tactic that PUBG implemented that was its success.

Easy access

The game is easily accessible which makes it readily available for the end users. The basic version of the game is free and so you wouldn’t miss because you don’t have money.

What is the webserver ? Types of web servers

What is the webserver? Types of web servers

With so many technical terms used on the internet world today, you may want to know what is a web server, how it works, its benefits and eventually different types of web servers. The fact is that hosting companies will use various web servers because of the changing demands of the clients. Web servers play a vital role in web hosting. What this means is that without a web server, you cannot pull your website contents on the internet.

What is a web server?

This is a program that uses HTTP to aid files that create pages in the websites in response to what users’ needs. The computers HTTP connections send the user requests to the web, which eventually facilitates the creation of pages.

Web servers are all servers that can deliver XML files to another device. In simple terms, we can term a web server as an internet server that sends responses to the HTTP connection commands from a computer to deliver services and content.


When you are sited next to your computer, there are many things you can notice, let’s say your friend sends you an email with a link to her website or telling you where she got a study about a question you were discussing in class: Https://

You will have to type the link on your browser to get the information. After that, the page will be displayed on your screen. What this means is that this will connect to the internet to give you the information.

What are the various types of web servers? 

In such a big market with high demands for web hosting, you can expect there are many types of web servers. Here are the most popular types:

Apache webserver

This is the most popular web server that was developed by Apache Software Foundation. The good thing with this web server is that it supports the major OS including Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, MC OS X and windows.

IIS Web Server

This is a Microsoft product with as many features as Apache. It’s open-source, which means adding personal modules is not that straightforward.

Lights speed web server

Here is a high-speed web server that works as a perfect competitor to NGINX web server and the Apache webserver. It’s actually the fourth most popular web server in the world today.

NGINX Web Server

Here is another type of web server that includes IMAP/POP3 proxy server. Many people are going for this server because of its stability, low resource usage, high performance and simple configuration.

What is a web server?

This is a program that uses HTTP to aid files that create pages in the websites in response to what users’ needs. The computers HTTP connections send the user requests to the web, which eventually facilitates the creation of pages. Web servers are all servers that can deliver XML files to another device. In simple terms, we can term a web server as an internet server that sends responses to the HTTP connection commands from a computer to deliver services and content.

What are the various types of web servers?

Most Popular are 1. Apache webserver 2. IIS Web Server 3. Lights speed web server 4. NGINX Web Server


Each client and their requirements will affect the decision of web hosts in selecting the web servers. Other factors that will affect the same are the number of clients in a single server and the amount of traffic you anticipate. You have to spare enough time in the market searching for a web server depending on your needs and personal requirements of your business.



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Inbox Dollars – Android and iOS
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